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All-American is your go-to partner for cost-effective solutions, whether you require engineering services
from start to finish or simple top dressing and maintenance. We offer comprehensive services, including
new sports field installation and maintenance for existing ones. Our materials are designed to create
natural or turf fields that are easy to maintain and more durable than others. We understand that the
safety of athletes is paramount, and we never overlook this crucial factor. At All-American, we are
committed to providing the highest quality materials and services to ensure that your sports fields are
safe, durable, and easy to maintain.


Our Field Sport Services

All-American Sports Material is more than just a supplier of top-of-the-line products for your athletic
fields. We are a critical partner in the design, construction, renovation, and maintenance of your fields.
Our turnkey operation offers a full range of services, from planning and engineering to ongoing
maintenance after construction. At All-American, we understand that every field is unique, and we take
a comprehensive approach to ensure that your field is truly premium. From the sub-base to the soil
content to the sod, we consider all aspects of field construction to create a safe and flat playing surface
with proper drainage. Our goal is to produce some of the most aesthetically and technically outstanding
athletic fields in the industry. With All-American as your partner, you can be confident that your athletic
fields will exceed your expectations and stand the test of time.

Aeration & Topdressing
Creating perforations in the turf and applying sand or organic material, to improve soil compaction, drainage, and nutrient absorption for optimal athletic performance.
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Laser Grading
Laser grading for sports fields is a precision technique that utilizes laser technology to create a level playing surface, ensuring uniformity and accuracy for improved sports performance and safety.
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