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From engineering to procurement and from construction to finished product All-American Sports Material is your turn key solution. Our team guarantees the highest-level of project management while constructing the safe and durable new field. From the planning stages to the maintenance techniques after the job is complete, we can facilitate all aspects of a baseball or softball field. We audit fields with our customers to help them understand everything we can do for them.


Our Natracil™ Stabilized Infield & Warning Track Mixes are professional grade mixes produced in standard red, gold and grey colors. Our infield and warning tracks are stabilized with Natracil™ and silt/clay to produce an exceptional playing surface. Being a natural organic stabilizer, Natracil™ offers moisture control by absorbing excess water during heavy rain then slowly releasing it. Since our material can take on more water than the competition, rainouts decrease. This also limits material loss on windy days. Firm and durable, yet soft enough to prevent injury, our material is the #1 solution for your team.
All-American Sports Clay is a proprietary blend of clay and angular sand, mined in the foothills of Colorado. With outstanding compaction, the mixture is designed to reduce maintenance time and blow outs. We offer our clay in 50# bags or one ton tote sacks. Since we bag our clay at the optimum moisture level, installation is simple – right out of the bag. Increase your profits and decrease maintenance time with All-American Sports Clay.
With the ability to blend to meet any spec, our Athletic Topdressing Sands can be customized to our customer’s request. Our Athletic Topdressing Sands are blended with specially formulated organics (and grass seed if requested) to give athletic fields a needed organic boost to be sustained through the year.
Not only do we bag our clay but we also inventory many of the industry leading conditioners, drying agents and chalk. Get all of the tools you need, all in one place.

Your turn key solution


From engineering to procurement and from construction to finished product All-American Sports Material is your turn key solution. Our team guarantees the highest-level of project management while constructing a safe and durable new field. Let us facilitate all aspects of your baseball or softball field. In order to provide the best possible solution, we also audit fields with our customers. Each solution is then customized to their current field. Whether you need new construction or routine maintenance, AASM will fulfill all of your needs.

Maintenance & safety are probably the two most overlooked subjects in regards to baseball/softball fields.  With our professional installation crew, we can make your field look like the pros.  With the capability to laser grade and remove dirt/grass lips, we can make your maintenance and safety nightmares go away.  All-American Sports Material is equipped with two different tractors with full laser systems attached to each.  We have the capability to tie in your grass edges with your infield to make your field flat again.  We recommend that all fields are on our laser grading program to ensure that they are up to par year to year and most importantly, keep maintenance costs down.
With the ability to produce our own clay, we can also install a brand new mound for you.  We have built mounds from the ground up and also reconstructed old mounds.  Form little league to college mounds, we have done it all.  Don’t break your back when we can do the work for you.
Aeration & Topdressing are extremely important when it comes to turf life.  Season after season, your fields take a beating with the constant traffic they take on.  Soils compact and turf beats down, giving no room for breathing and growth.  We not only have the ability to custom blend any topdressing application, we can also place it for you.  Core aeration is a great way to open up the ground and allow air to circulate.  We are equipped with a PTO driven John Deere Aerator that can pull cores up to 4 inches deep.  Using our broad spreader, we can throw material up to 35 feet wide with no piling of material on the grass.  When we have completed spreading all of your material, we will then mat drag the field to ensure that the topdressing application is distributed into the core holes that were punched and to break up...

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