Aeration & Topdressing
Aeration & Topdressing are extremely important when it comes to turf life.  Season after season, your fields take a beating with the constant traffic they take on.  Soils compact and turf beats down, giving no room for breathing and growth.  We not only have the ability to custom blend any topdressing application, we can also place it for you.  Core aeration is a great way to open up the ground and allow air to circulate.  We are equipped with a PTO driven John Deere Aerator that can pull cores up to 4 inches deep.  Using our broad spreader, we can throw material up to 35 feet wide with no piling of material on the grass.  When we have completed spreading all of your material, we will then mat drag the field to ensure that the topdressing application is distributed into the core holes that were punched and to break up the cores that were pulled.  This process plays a big part in your turfs life.  Like laser grading, we suggest that every field is on our topdressing program.  We will rotate fields to ensure that they are getting the care they need while keeping costs down.
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