Our Products

All-American Sports Material’s USGA Sand is the industry leader for topdressing greens following the aerification process. It is produced through a computerized 11 stage classifying tank to ensure that USGA gradation criteria is consistently met. This innovative product is the key to your success.
AASM’s Bunker Sand is found all across the Front Range in the region's finest golf courses. Our Bunker Sand is slightly larger in gradations to ensure a consistent play out of the bunkers. This adds to the aesthetic flow of each course increasing playability.
With our sands being produced through the 11 stage classifying tank, we can produce our Extra Fine Sand. For some operations, this is used for a summer light topdressing application. With our Extra Fine Sand, there is an option to topdress with immediate play on the course.
At our customer’s request, we created a Premium Topdressing Sand that has 0% retained of the 2 mm. This removes all of the courser particles of the USGA spec resulting in less wear and tear on equipment. This product is used consistently throughout the season for a light topdressing application.
Our traditional blend is made with our USGA Sand and blended with 10% Peat by volume. We can blend to any spec requested and typically offer either Dakota Peat or Aiken Peat.
Our Natracil™ Stabilized Infield & Warning Track Mixes are professional grade mixes produced in standard red, gold and grey colors. Our infield and warning tracks are stabilized with Natracil™ and silt/clay to produce an exceptional playing surface. Being a natural organic stabilizer, Natracil™ offers moisture control by absorbing excess water during heavy rain then slowly releasing it. Since our material can take on more water than the competition, rainouts decrease. This also limits material loss on windy days. Firm and durable, yet soft enough to prevent injury, our material is the #1 solution for your team.
All-American Sports Clay is a proprietary blend of clay and angular sand, mined in the foothills of Colorado. With outstanding compaction, the mixture is designed to reduce maintenance time and blow outs. We offer our clay in 50# bags or one ton tote sacks. Since we bag our clay at the optimum moisture level, installation is simple – right out of the bag. Increase your profits and decrease maintenance time with All-American Sports Clay.
With the ability to blend to meet any spec, our Athletic Topdressing Sands can be customized to our customer’s request. Our Athletic Topdressing Sands are blended with specially formulated organics (and grass seed if requested) to give athletic fields a needed organic boost to be sustained through the year.
Not only do we bag our clay but we also inventory many of the industry leading conditioners, drying agents and chalk. Get all of the tools you need, all in one place.


Design through Planning to Maintenance

AASM offers customizable turnkey solutions for all of your needs: from design and planning through project management and installation to annual maintenance programs.  We can manage the entire project from CAD design to project management, material selection and delivery to installation.  We understand that planning a new project can be very stressful, let us manage it for you.

Our maintenance programs optimize your playing fields performance based upon wear and tear and seasonal climate variations, to minimize your operating expense and extend playing time.  Our professional installations and products will leave your fields looking as they did on day one.  We strive to minimize down time and while ensuring a safe playing surface throughout the year.

Safety is a top priority and we offer a wide variety of turnkey solutions.

What people are saying about us...

“I have dealt with a lot of baseball field material companies in my thirty years of college coaching and without a doubt All American Sports Materials are the best I have ever used.  I will not ever try another product.  The infield mix is the best around and the mound clay saves so many hours…

Scott Crampton Athletic Director/Baseball Coach Lamar Community College

“Belmrie Sprinkler & Landscaping Inc. has done business with both the Bestway Concrete & Aggregate and the All-American Sports Material divisions. From simple material deliveries to installation of baseball fields. They have been a forthright company to work with. Bill and his coworkers are knowledgeable and courteous. I recommend them to for your construction needs…

Joel Green

“The infield dirt mixture and mound clay have been a great addition to our fields.  The playability has made for safer footing and truer ground balls.  I would recommend these products for any field maintenance plan.”

Chris Umphres Great Bend Sports Complex, KS

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