Whether you need bunker construction or top dressing, we will curate the entire process. All american provides any sands needed for a course along with any special blends for rootzones. We strive to prevent layering, improve drainage, provide smooth surface, improve quality and provide root zone aeration.

Our Golf Products

All-American Sports Material’s USGA Sand is the industry leader for topdressing greens following the aerification process. It is produced through a computerized 11 stage classifying...
AASM’s Bunker Sand is found all across the Front Range in the region's finest golf courses. Our Bunker Sand is slightly larger in gradations to...
With our sands being produced through the 11 stage classifying tank, we can produce our Extra Fine Sand. For some operations, this is used for...
At our customer’s request, we created a Premium Topdressing Sand that has 0% retained of the 2 mm. This removes all of the courser particles...
Our traditional blend is made with our USGA Sand and blended with 10% Peat by volume. We can blend to any spec requested and typically...

Aesthetically pleasing yet extremely long lasting.

Our Golf Services

All-American Sports Material provides industry leading golf sands for any application from planning to final creation. Our turnkey operation allows us to produce golf sands through an 11 stage classifying tank that is 100% computerized, which creates consistency and the ability to produce any gradation of sand requested.  This consistency with our sands ensures to ensure that our topdressing and bunker sands are staying true to your course over the long haul.   Our team is also equipped to ensure that new projects are managed from start to finish.  From architects to superintendents, All-American Sports Material provides top of the line management, production and service that is hard to come by in our industry.

Aeration & Topdressing
Aeration & Topdressing are extremely important when it comes to turf life.  Season after season, your fields take a beating with the constant traffic they take on.  Soils compact and turf beats down, giving no room for breathing and growth.  We not only have the ability to custom blend any topdressing application, we can also place it for you.  Core aeration is a great way to open up the ground and allow air to circulate.  We are equipped with a PTO driven John Deere Aerator that can pull cores up to 4 inches deep.  Using our broad spreader, we can throw material up to 35 feet wide with no piling of material on the grass.  When we have completed spreading all of your material, we will then mat drag the field to ensure that the topdressing application is distributed into the core holes that were punched and to break up the cores that were pulled.  This process plays a big part in your turfs life.  Like laser grading, we suggest that every field is on our topdressing program.  We will rotate fields to ensure that they are getting the care they need while keeping costs down.
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