What is ready-mixed concrete?

Ready mixed concrete is delivered in trucks that mix the concrete on the way to the job site. It is unhardened and in a flowable state ready to be poured. The trucks you see on streets with revolving drum mixers are carrying ready-mixed concrete.

Are cement and concrete the same thing?

People often confuse the use of the words cement and concrete. Cement is actually the binding agent in concrete. When mixed with water, cement forms a paste, when the paste is mixed with sand and gravel, it becomes concrete. Concrete is what you use to build a driveway, sidewalk, or wall.

How long does it take for concrete to set?

Many variables, such as the kind of mix used and the temperature, make a difference in how long it takes for concrete to set. In general, an initial set is reached between two and four hours after the pour. A final set can be achieved in 24 hours. But it could take more than one month for concrete to reach its ultimate strength.

Why does concrete crack?

There are many things that lead to cracking. Some of them include subgrade settlement, shrinkage during the curing process, contraction due to temperature, and the load the concrete bears. Thankfully, many of these effects can be negated by using joints, the proper mix and admixtures. By studying the use, location, time of year, and other factors, Bestway creates mixes that diminish the effects that lead to cracking.

What are concrete joints?

Joints allow for the expansion and shrinkage of concrete due to temperature and moisture variations. There are three kinds of joints: construction joints, contraction joints, and expansion joints. Consider them engineered cracks.

Asphalt costs less than concrete, so why use concrete for driveways?

The simple answer is that asphalt breaks down more quickly. Concrete driveways can last more than 30 years without much maintenance. With asphalt, you need periodic applications of surface and crack sealer. Even then, asphalt will have a shorter life-span. A concrete driveway is also more appealing when you resell a home.

Will colored concrete lose its brilliance over time?

No. If color is added to the concrete and then mixed with the concrete’s other ingredients, the color will blend throughout the mix. Even if a crack appears in the future or the cement is chipped, the color will appear in the newly exposed concrete.

What should I know about having concrete delivered to a jobsite or my residence?

Keep in mind that concrete trucks are very large and heavy when fully loaded. Talk to a Bestway manager about the construction of driveways and approaches to the work site. There are many kinds of equipment that can be used to get concrete into hard to reach areas, such as pumps and conveyer belt-like transport devices.

What is finishing?

After concrete is poured, it is textured to give it a finished look. You can achieve many different finishes depending on the tools used.